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Apple TV+ is the official streaming app from Apple inc. launched on November 1st 2019. This is guide will show you how you can download Apple TV+ Plus APK for Android for free. This excellent streaming app has a wide range of the best TV shows and Movies from around the world. And it is not just available for the US, Apple TV plus APK is available in more than 125 countries.

The Apple TV+ app is originally developed for the iOS and the Mac. The APK version of Apple TV plus is specifically for the Android OS. Due to the popularity of the iOS version, there has been very high demand for the Android version of this streaming app, and you can download the latest version of the Apple TV+ APK here.

On this guide on how to download Apple TV plus APK, you will find everything you need to know about the app and especially about the APK version of it specially developed for Android. The latest version of the app has much improved download and streaming speeds and there have been improvements made to the UI giving a better experience to the users.

 The special APK version of Apple TV+ will work on PC as well. In order to do this, you will need to install one additional software. Do not worry though because it will not cost you any money. All the instructions mentioned here are free options, and you will find all that information below.

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What is Apple TV+ APK

Like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Apple TV plus is Apple Inc.’s streaming platform where users can watch movies and TV shows created under the Apple brand. With the increase in popularity of streaming apps, it is no surprise that Apple got on the streaming band wagon.

Apple TV+ will feature both exclusive content and content that Apple has purchased and or earned the rights to stream on its platform. While this app is exclusively for the iOS platform, The APK version will work on Android devices.

Since launching in November 2019. The app has 50 million users worldwide and already features and impressive array of world class entertainment. Users of the Apple TV plus APK will have access to all of these shows and to some of the HBO shows as well.

The APK will work on PC, Samsung smart TV, Fire TV, Roku, IPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, and all devices that run on Android including Android TV’s.

Apple TV+ APK Info

Apple TV+ APK Rating

Apple TV+ Rating

With an amazing UI and excellent usability the Apple TV plus app stamps itself as one of the leading streaming apps and services in the world. While it doesn’t have as much exclusive conetent as its biggest competitors, the app is certainly on the right path. 

Download Apple TV+ APK

Follow these Steps to Install Apple TV+ APK on Android

Installing the Apple TV plus APK is a siple task. Just folow the nstuctions mentioned below and you will have this great app running on your Android device in no time. You do not require any technical knowledge or skill to do this and also you will not be needed to root your device as the case with many APK files. Please read on:

How to install Apple TV+ APK on Android
  • First you need to get your Android device ready for the instalation of an APK file. You will need to go to the phone settings > apps > and then ‘Allow’ apps from third party developers. 
  • Then you you need to make sure you have enough sapce in your phone. At least 50MB of space is recomemded to install this app. 
  • The locate the download link/button on this website and click on it
  • This will take you a download page which will provide a link to download the Apple TV+ APK from a secure location. 
  • Click on download. Once downloaded, simply run the APK and follow instruction. 
  • Turn on the app and enjoy worldclass entertainment!

Apple TV+ APK Features

Access to all TV shows and Movies available on Apple TV+ including Apple TV exclusives.

Apple TV plus has one of the biggest collections of movies and TV shows available in premium streaming apps. Among them are some hit Apple tv exclusives like The Morning Show, Servant, See staring Jason Mamoa, Dickson, and Truth Be Told. You can find the very best of entertainment in the Apple TV plus APK.

Frequent Updates

Apple TV+ is run by arguably the greatest tech company in the World, Apple inc. and therefore you know their apps going to be of the highest quality. Thus, Apple TV APK is constantly monitored and updates to always provide the best experience possible. Android user of the APK can therefore rest easy knowing that the app is regularly updated.

Android device safe

The Apple TV+ APK is safe to use on all Android devices, and yes, the APK will work on all android devices. Just make sure your Android version is not ancient and that you have a fairly new version of the Android OS installed on your device. The APK has been tested on over 100 devices and we have not come across any issues.

Windows PC support

Apple Inc has not released an official version of the Apple TV+ app for windows or web browser support. However, if you are using the Apple TV plus APK for Android, then you can run the app on PC using an emulator.

How to install Apple TV+ on Android TV

While watching movies and TV shows on your mobile is totally fine, it is no comparison to watching them on a bigger screen. Same goes to watching a movie in a movie theatre. Here, we are going to look at how you can run Apple TV plus Android TV.

While the Apple TV+ app is for iOS devices, we have already established that the APK version of the app can be installed on Android devices, and the Android TV’s are no different. Yet the installation process is a little bit different.

    • First you will need to download the Apple TV+ APK found in this page on your PC and move it to a USB stick.
    • Then you need to download the ES file explorer on your Android TV.
    • Now plug in the USB stick to your TV, find the APK file and Run the app.
    • You will get a few pop ups asking you to give access to install the app, just click on allow for all or click ok.
    • Run the installation, and enjoy Apple TV Plus on your Android TV.

How to install Apple TV APK on Windows PC

The ability to use mobile streaming apps on PC is something that most users love and appreciate. However, it something that most streaming services do not offer. Apple TV+ is one of them. Even Netflix took a long time to offer the app on Windows and offer web browser support.

This is not a problem when you use the APK versions of streaming apps. To play or run Apple TV plus APK on Windows, all you have to is essentially turn your PC into an Android device. So how do you do this?

Simple. Just download an Android emulator. What an Android emulator does is exactly what it says. It emulates an Android environment within your Windows PC.  Just find an Android Emulator that you like, install it and run it. Then download the Apple TV+ APK and run it via the emulator.

Now you have Apple TV+ running on your PC.

Download Apple TV+ APK


Apple TV+ is one of the best streaming apps available today and there is no doubt about that. If you compare the UI, the usability, the speed, the support, etc.. you cam argue that is the best streaming app/service right now. After all, it is an Apple product.

What Apple TV+  APK does is that it allows android users to experience all of that if not for only something that iOS users can experience. All the world class entertainment that Apple has to offer can now be enjoyed by Android users as well.

The streaming services and industry will no doubt keep increasing as the demand for these services rise. Apple TV plus has a long way to go to catch up to the level of Netflix and Amazon Prime, when it comes to the numbers that they are pulling in plus quality of content. Now with Apple TV+ Android APK, Apple Inc can reach more users than ever before.

Apple TV+ APK Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Apple TV+ APK work?

The Apple TV+ app is name of the streaming service provided by Apple Inc. This service/app is designed for on iOS users with no web browser support. The APK version allows Android users to download and use the app.  

How to download Apple TV+ APK for Android?

Simply look for the download link on this page and click on “Download”. This will take you the designated download page where you can install the app on your Android device.  

Is Apple TV plus APK available on Google Play?

No. The APK version of the Apple TV+ app is not available to download in the Play Store. This is not an official version of the app and therefore you will not find it on any major app stores.  

Does the Apple TV+ APK app work on PC?

Yes. We have given instructions on how to install the Apple TV plus on Windows PC. It involves downloading and installing an Andoid Emulator which will help you run the APK file.  

Does the Apple TV+ APK support all android devices?

Yes. Thie APK will work on almost all android devices. And yes, it will work on android TV as well. and device that has or run on android will be compatible with the Apple TV+ APK. 

Does the Apple TV+ APK app have ads on it?

No. The Apple TV plus is a premium app and thus will no have any ads on it. The official app is not free however, yet the APK version provided in this website is. 

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