Cyberflix APK let’s you download and stream all the latest movies, tv shows and anime directly from your android or ios device for free. Enjoy the very best that the entertainment world has to offer with the Cyberflix tv APK. Download the Cyberflix APK for android for free to gain access to one of the biggest movie and tv show libraries in the world. Explore HD quality movies and Stream the latest TV shows for free with the Cyberflix TV, which is compatible with both android and iOS, and is also compatible with Android TV and Amazon Firestick.

As we all know, there is only one way that the entertainment business is going and that is up. There is no slowing down this massive industry as it only keeps getting bigger and bigger. Every month it seems like there are hundreds of new TV shows and movies being released all over the globe, and it is hard to keep track of everything that is being released. More than that, it is becoming extremely expensive to subscribe to all the premium streaming services.

With all this content being released on to the world, and given how expensive everything is, most of the material gets leaked. Even still, it is not an easy task to get a hold leaked movies and tv shows. That is why you have apps like Cyberflix APK. Cyberflix tv APK app organizes everything that is out there and offers them up to you in one clean, beautifully designed app that gives everybody in the world access to content free of charge.

CyberFlix TV APK Specs

CyberFlix TV App Review

CyberFlix TV APK app rating

Cyberflix tv is an app that is designed with the user in mind. The app looks and feels like a premium app and does what its supposed to do rather well. Most impressive is how the app always gives you the best quality links. Four and a half stars.

Download Cyberflix TV APK Latest Version

Follow these easy steps to Download CyberFlix APK


Click the Cyberflix tv apk Download button to begin. This will take you to the download page.


Once you click on download, you will receive a pop up for confirmation. Select install


Allow few seconds for the Cyberflix apk to install


Once cyberflix apk has successfully installed you will get a confirmation


After opening the Cyberflix tv app for the first time, you will receive a pop up to allow access. 


Next you will be prompted to select you preferred media player. 


Next you receive a customary disclaimer. Here you will select accept. 


You will now have access to the entire movie and TV library on Ceyberflix tv


Once you have selected the movie you want to watch, the app will take you to the movie page where you can watch the trailer or read up on the movie. 


Before you can watch the movie or TV show you will need to solve a Captcha. Now you can sit back and enjoy the show!

What is the Cyberflix TV APK

Cyberflix tv is a free streaming app that is available to download as a APK for android. The app can also be run on IOS as well. If you are familiar with the Showbox app, which is also a free movie and tv show streaming app, then you would know what Cyberflix TV apk is. Cyberflix tv is actually knows as a clone of Showbox.

Cyberflix tv is completely free to use and is regularly updated by its developers which a positive. This means the app is constantly being improved to provide the best experience possible. This is why Cyberflix APK has amassed a large following and is easily one of the most popular free streaming android apps today. Download the Cyberflix tv APK to stream and download the very best and latest of the entertainment world. 

The Cyberflix APK app was introduced to the world back in 2018 has soon become on the favorite free streaming apps available for android and ios. Another reason for its popularity is that, the Cyberflix app does not host any of the content, i.e. tv shows, animes, or movies on their own servers. What this means is that Cyberflix APK is not breaking and law. The app is 100% legal, and therefore very safe to use. Users from all over the world can watch brand new shows and movies for free without the risk of breaking any laws.

Besides this fact, the Cyberflix apk app  is loved by its users because of how good the app looks and feels. The usability of the app is of the highest quality rivaling premium apps, and you can really feels the attention to detail when using the app. Download Cyberflix APK for all this and more. If you are a fan of movies and TV shows, and if you are a fan of saving money, then downloading the Cyberflix APK app is something that you need to do.

CyberFlix TV App Features

  • The Cyberflix APK app only looks for the best quality links from all over the globe. While there are many low quality or cam links available, and while you usually get these links from other free streaming apps, the Cyberflix tv app qualifies the highest quality links to give its users the best viewing experience possible.
  • If English is not your primary language or even if you want to watch movies and shows from other countries, Cyberflix APK offers up subtitles with every tv show and movie. So if you want to experience global cinema for example, Bollywood movies and shows, you can enjoy anything with in-built subtitles.
  • Do you have a favorite media player that you use? Well, good news as the Cyberflix APK supports many of the main media players available today such as the MX player, VLC player, and Exo player. Read on to find out how to integrate these media players to Cyberflix tv APK.
  • Cyberflix TV comprises of a massive movie and TV show collection, that you probably not find on any other free or even premium streaming app. Not just the Hollywood hits but you will find content from all over globe making the Cyberflix APK a truly global experience.
  • While there are many other free streaming apps, 99.9% of them has annoying ads featured on them. These ads that pop up from time to time can really kill the viewing experience. This is something that you will not encounter with the Cyberflix apk app. Cyberflix tv is completely ad free and free to use.
  • Yes, Cyberflix APK is a streaming app, but that is not all that you can do with this fantastic app. You can actually download anything you see on here. That’s right, at the tap of a button you can download full tv shows and movies directly to your mobile device.
  • If you are a fan of keeping a track of all the shows you watch, then you must be familiar with In that case, if you are wondering if you can integrate on Cyberflix APK, the you will be pleased because it most certainly possible.
  • Cyberflix APK lets you organize your favorite movies and tv shows on to the in-built calendar to set reminders so you never have to miss a thing when your shows get added to the app.

Download Cyberflix APK on Amazon Firestick / Fire TV / Android TV

One of the best things about the Cyberflix TV apk is that its compatible with all android devices. This includes Amazon firetv, Amazon Firestick, Android TV , and basically anything that runs on android.

This Cyberflix APK download and installation process can be used for all android devices and not just Amazon Firestick. Follow these steps to download and install Cyberflix APK on Amazon Fire stick

  • On your Amazon Firestick home screen, go to the settings menu
  • In the setting menu, you will find ‘device’ select it.
  • Next you need click on developer options.
  • Here you will select the last option which is ‘Apps from unknown sources’
  • A message will pop up asking if you want to continue, here click ‘turn on’
  • Now return to the home screen and go the search bar
  • Here you need to type in ‘Downloader’
  • Tap on the app that says ‘Downloader’ and install it to your device
  • Once you open the downloader app, a pop will appear wanting you to allow access.
  • Then you will get another pop up with some information about the downloader app, where you will click ‘ok’
  • In the downloader app, click on settings.
  • Then tap to enable JavaScript
  • Then on the search bar type “https ://”
  • Click download and wait till the download process is complete
  • Once you click install, you receive two pop ups. Click delete on both, and you are done!

CyberFlix tv APK Version 3.2.0

Cyberflix APK is easily on the best free movie and TV streaming android apps available today, and the developers of this amazing app is constantly updating it. The latest version of the Cyberflix tv app is the Cyberflix TV apkk 3.2.0. This version solves some of the tiny issues of the previous versions and makes the app even faster. Which means faster browsing, faster streaming, and faster downloading. The latest version of the Cyberflix APK 3.2.0 feels like a complete app that is user focused and fantastically designed.

Cyberflix APK 3.2.0 also has improved the way you search for movies and tv and have actually made it more enjoyable. Going about the app, it feels more fluid and it makes it easier to maneuver about the app without much fuss. One of the biggest problems we face with free streaming apps is that the links offered up do not work most of the time. It is fine for the first few times, but when it keeps happening over and over again, it becomes quite annoying.

This is something that the developers of the Cyberflix tv APK focused on. What we mean by this is that, the links offered up by the Cyberflix APK app is goes through an internal qualification process to make sure that the links are actually worling. This way the users would never have to open a link just to find out that the link does not work. This is one of the best things about the Cyberflix APK app. You can also get Cybeflix TV here

CyberFlix TV APK is one of the world's best free streaming apps, and you would be missing out on a lot if you don't have this app on your Android device

Download CyberFlix TV 3.2.0 APK

How to install Cyberflix apk on Android smart TV

The bigger the screen the better the experience. If you actually have to the time to sit down at your couch and enjoy a movie, wouldn’t you? While you can find mainstream premium streaming apps on the google play store, such as Netflix, you will not find free streaming apps available to download. However, there is a way you can get Cyberflix on your Android smart TV. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • On you Android smart TV, navigate to the google play store and download the ‘ES file explorer’
  • On your PC, download the Cyberflix apk found on this website, and transfer the download file to a USB drive
  • Connect the USB to your android smart TV.
  • Here you will receive a notification on your TV asking you if you want to connect to the ES file explorer. You will select yes.
  • Locate the Cyberflix tv apk file and click on install the app.
  • Once the app is finished installing click on Done and launch the app!
  • You have successfully installed Cyberflix apk on your Android TV.

Installing Cyberflix tv apk on a Sony smart TV is a much simpler process. Here’s how to do it;

Install Cyberflix APK on Sony Smart TV

In the home screen, you need to go to settings and look for ‘security and restrictions’.

Then you will navigate to the google play store and look for ‘Sideload Launcher – Android TV’, after which you can run Cyberflix tv apk on your Sony Smart TV.

Install CyberFlix APK on PC

How to install Cyberflix tv apk on PC? It really is a simple process and yes it is possible to have Cyberflix TV on PC. While there developers of the app do not have a separate version just for PC, there are plenty of android emulators available to download for PC’s.

Thus the solution is to download an android emulator for your PC and then download and install the Cyberflix apk. And you can use it just like you do on your android phone.

CyberFlix tv APK iOS

Unfortunately there is no version of Cyberflix apk that is compatible with ios. However, there is a way you can enjoy the countless benefits of Cyberflix tv on your mac book. How? Well if your mac book runs on PC, well then all you have to do is download and install an android emulator. After which you can download Cyberflix apk and install it.  

CyberFlix APK Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is CyberFlix APK?

CyberFlix TV apk is an app that allows users to stream and download movies and and tv shows for free. The app is available to download as an APK version and can be found on this website. The app houses a massive library of movies and TV shows from all over the world

How does CyberFlix apk work?

The Cyberflix TV frind links to the movie or tv show that you want to watch from servers located all over the globe and feeds them to you beautifully on the CyberFlix app. From which you can choose the best fit according to your needs and enjoy. 

Is CyberFlix TV available on Google Play?

Simple answer; No. The app features movies and TV shows that the app does not have the rights to. Therefore it does not abide by the laws and policies of Google play. Hence the app is not available on Google play store. You will need the APK version

How to download CyberFlix TV APK for Android?

Since the app is not on any major app store, you will need to find an APK version from a reliable source. This website provides the most recent version of the CyberFlix tv app, where you will also find step by step instruction on how to download and install the CyberFlix apk. 

Does the CyberFlix app work on PC?

The CyberFlix will work on PC.  Even tho there is no PC version of the CyberFlix app, you can download an Android Emulator to run the mobile APK version. This is the only way to run CyberFlix on PC.  

Will CyberFlix apk work on Amazon FireStick?

Yes. The CyberFlix apk will work on Amzon firestick. However, there are few steps that will need to followed in order to first download and then install the CyberFlix tv app on Aamzon Firestick. You can find the instruction on this website.   

Does the CyberFlix TV app have ads on it?

No. That is easily on of the absolute best things about the CyberFlix TV app. Even though the app is free to use, you will not find any on the app unlike other free android streaming apps.   

Does the CyberFlix APK support all android devices?

Yes. If your device runs on Android OS then the CyberFlix TV apk will work on your device. This does not mean that it supports all android versions. If your android version is ancient, it might not be compatible. 

What is new in the latest version of the CyberFlix TV app?

The new version which is CyberFlix TV version 3.2.0 introduces a more cleaner interface which feels lighter making the app much faster. This affects download speeds as well making streaming a breeze and more enjoyable. 

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