Freeflix HQ apk is a free movie and tv show streaming app that works on Android, PC, and even on iOS. The Freeflix app is regarded by many as one of the best free movie streaming apps today due to its massive library of movies, tv shows and cartoon. Not only that, the Freeflix HQ apk android app is just most wonderfully designed streaming app will come across. Disregard the premium streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO GO, we are talking about free content streaming apps, and as far as those go, Freeflix HQ apk is without a doubt one of the best.

Everybody in the world enjoys watching movies and TV shows in their past time, or at least a cartoon or two. But content nowadays not free, and everything has a price tag. Movie streaming apps like Freeflix HQ apk download for android let’s users enjoy content from around the world for absolutely free. Don’t worry if you are not from an English-speaking nation. From Hollywood, to Bollywood, to Kollywood, Freeflix TV HQ apk app has cartoons, tv shows and movies from many different languages and regions. That is what makes Freeflix HQ apk Android download is an absolute peach of a free movie streaming app and a true global app with ha world wide audience.

FreeFlix HQ App Specs

FreeFlix HQ App Review

FreeFlix HQ APK app rating

The app is tastefully designed and serves the purposes of what it was made to do. Simple and easy to use with a massive library of free content and an amazing range of anime shows. Four and a half stars.

Download FreeFlix HQ APK Latest Version

Follow these easy steps to Download FreeFlix HQ APK App


Click the FreeFlix HQ apk Download for android button to begin. 


Click on install to beging the installation process


Few moments later the FreeFlix HQ apk android will be installed on your device


Once you open the FreeFlix app for the first time this message will appear, tap on Got it


Then click on Allow FreeFlix HQ to access your phone. 


Browse the movie category on the FreeFlix HQ app


Tapping on the menu button will show you all the categories available 


Select from hundreds of TV shows


Select from over 6000+ anime shows on Freeflix HQ


Tap on any movie or TV show you want to open information. Tap on watch to watch the movie


Select the file quality you want


Watch now or download for later! 

Also if you want to watch movie and shows from another language, Freeflix HQ movie app has you covered. Freeflix HQ provides you with subtitles as well, and you can of course chose if you want them or not, and if you do, and you want to watch a movie in a foreign language, Freeflix HQ apk download for android will provide you with English subtitles. Most people only think that only Hollywood makes great movies and shows but that statement cannot be further from the truth. With Freeflix HQ apk android app you will get the opportunity to enjoy content from around the world and open your eyes to a whole new world of entertainment. And all this for the price of FREE.

FreeFlix HQ App Features

  • First and foremost, the Freeflix HQ app had a UI design that flows beautifully from one option to the other, giving a seamless user experience to its users. This is one of the reasons that people love the Freeflix HQ apk android app. However, there are many more cool features of Freeflix HQ, some of them are noted below:
  • The massive library of movies, tv shows and cartoons. Freeflix HQ apk contains content from the most loved all time favorite classics to the very best and latest that the movie world has to offer.
  • Freeflix HQ apk is actually knows for its impressive range of anime shows. So if you are a fan of these Japanese cartoons, you are going to love Freeflix HQ apk download for android.
  • Want free TV? No need to look for any other app so doggy looking site to access free tv. Freeflix HQ app gives you all free tv you will ever need. For free of course.
  • Fan of sports? Freeflix HQ apk app offers a wide range of sports channels from around the world. No longer do you have to miss that game from your favorite team. You can watch straight from your mobile via Freeflix HQ apk.
  • Not only does Freeflix HQ apk stream all your favorite content, you can actually download and save everything that you see on the app directly to the memory of your mobile device. If you are using Freeflix HQ apk on PC then you can do that as well.
  • Freeflix HQ apk will find you your favorite movie or TV show in any language you want. If in case what you want is not available in your preferred language, then you can always get the subtitles and enjoy your show. You can also install media players like the MX player to Freeflix HQ. 
  • Speaking of subtitles, Freeflix HQ apk android will give you subtitles in over 80 different languages. That is seriously impressive.
  • Freeflix HQ apk app is known for its convenience. Which is why you don’t have to create a login to watch any of the content available on the app. Just download the app and start viewing!
  • The best feature Freeflix HQ apk out of them all? It is completely free! Yes you might see few advertisements here and there but that is totally acceptable give the value that it, the app gives its user. There is always some give and take!

Freeflix HQ APK FireStick

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With the popularity of streaming apps, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV become must have hardware as well. While people spend a lot of time watching everybody loves to watch stuff on the big screen. That is why Amazon Fire TV and Android TV have become such crowd favorites. Therefore, it is important that streaming apps are made so that they are compatible with the likes of Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. Given Freeflix HQ apk android is one of the best, of course it is compatible with Android TV and Amazon Firestick. You won’t regret having Freeflix HQ apk Firestick on your device.

Freeflix HQ on Xbox One

Xbox One owners know that there a bunch of streaming apps that already work with the Xbox One. However, most of these apps are premium apps and you need to pay for them, most of the time the payment is recurring monthly subscription. Freeflix HQ download for android is totally free and is 100% compatible with the Xbox One. So why spend money on premium streaming apps when Freeflix HQ not only saves you money but offers you more content!

There is a lot said about the look and feel of the Freeflix HQ app android. It is beautifully deigned, and no one would know that it is not a premium app. Its built for success. Also, the app has its own wonderful media player built right in to the Freeflix HQ app. For a free app Freeflix HQ apk gives users a lot. Best of all you customize the app to your liking. You can change colors of the interface to suite your personality and make the app truly yours.

Download FreeFlix HQ APK for Android

Freeflix HQ apk Update

Freeflix HQ apk app offers users with very high-quality video content. You can expect 1080p movies and shows on this free movie streaming app. Theses HD videos work on every single device and not just mobile phones. Freeflix HQ apk download for android supports Chromecast, which is absolutely fantastic feature that not a lof of people know about. Due to Chromecast compatibility you can watch videos on the big screen with just a click!

Even though the app is free, Freeflix HQ apk android still requires your data, and that is certainly a cost to you. NO matter, the developers of Freeflix HQ apk movie app thought of that as well. When you have excess data during a certain period of a month or day, you can utilize that to download movies and shows to your device and keep. And when you find the time to watch it, you can watch without utilizing a single bit of data, totally offline.

Freeflix HQ apk is a huge hit among the anime crowd as this app contains over 6000+ anime shows! Now that’s a lot of anime! If you are an anime fan you know what an obsession anime is. Some would call it a way of life even! So with Freeflix HQ apk giving thousands of free anime shows, you can understand why Freeflix HQ will be such a hit among anime fans.

FreeFlix HQ APK No ads

A common thing that happens to us all is that fact that we forget to watch shows. Sometimes we watch too many things at once and it is easy to miss an episode so two due to this reason. What is there was an app that reminded you when your favorite tv show or anime is on? And what is you can watch the said episode on the same app? Cool right? Well the developers of Freeflix HQ app thought so as well. That is why you will find a movie and tv show scheduler embedded into the Freeflix HQ apk android app. So you never have to miss another episode ever again!

Earlier we mentioned free sports channels. What about WWE on demand on a free app? Well maybe you didn’t know you wanted this but, the developers of Freeflix HQ apk certainly did. This feature filled app also gives you WWE on demand for free.

Are you fan of Trakt.TV? if you don’t know what Trakt.TV is and you are a fan of tv shows, then you definitely find out.  Trakt.TV helps you track what you are watching and where you stopped, so you never have to guess ever again, saving you a lot of time. Freeflix HQ seamlessly integrates with Trakt.TV so you have both apps working side by side giving you the best viewing pleasure.

Sometimes you might see a movie poster that looks cool but you have no idea if the movie is actually good or not. So what we normally do is that we either go to YouTube and watch the trailer or we head straight to IMBD to look at the rating. Well, with Freeflix HQ apk android you don’t have to go anywhere. You can watch the trailer and IMBD rating right in the app itself. You can also download FreeFlix from this website.


In conclusion, Freeflix HQ is easily one of the best free steaming apps available on Android today. This is because Freeflix does not just provide you with movies and TV shows like most of the other free streaming apps, this app provides you a huge variety of TV channels as well. 

Apart from that, Freeflix has another selling point, which is its glorious library of anime shows. Freeflix HQ literary has something for everyone. From movies to the latest TV shows, to live TV to anime. Freeflix is the complete package. 

The compatibility  of the Freeflix app with other android devices like Android TV and Amazon Firestick also elevates the app to upper echelons of this category.  Combine all of this with it fantastic app design and usability, it is no brainier why so many users prefer using Freeflix HQ. 

FreeFlix HQ APK Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is FreeFlix HQ APK?

Freeflix HQ is movie and tv show streaming app that is free to download as a APK. FreeFlix HQ is known for its massive library of Anime tv shows which includes all time favorite classics as well the most recent shows. Freeflix HQ app also gives 100’s free TV channels to enjoy. 

How does FreeFlix HQ work?

The FreeFlix app is not a producer of content, rather the app will find you the best links from around the world to for movies, TV shows, and even TV channels. Freeflix apk will offer thees links to you on the app where the user can chose which link they prefer. 

Is FreeFlix HQ available on Google Play?

No. The Freeflix app is not avaialble on Gogle Store because the app does not have the rights to show the content on their platform, thus does not adhere with Google Play store policies. But as the User, you are not breaking any laws.

How to download FreeFlix HQ APK for Android?

Since the Freeflix app is not available on the Google play store, users will have to look for the APK version from a reliable source and download the app. Installation is as simple as tapping on the install button.  

Does the FreeFlix HQ APK app work on PC?

Yes. The Fleeflix app will work on PC’s. You will need to first download and Android emulator and then download the APK for FreeFlix and install.  Click here to get it on PC. 

Will FreeFlix work on Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes. The FreeFlix HQ app will work on Amazon FireStick. First you need to download and install the “Downloader” app on Firestick, then search for and install the FreeFlix HQ app

Does the FreeFlix HQ app have ads on it?

Yes. You will see few ads places here and there in the interface of the FreeFlix HQ app. However, they are most certainly not a nuisance and does not interfere with your user experience.   

Does the FreeFlix app support all android devices?

Yes. FreeFlix HQ apk does support and is compatible with all android devices. Although it might not work on older android versions. If you are using an older android device you might have to update the software

What is new in the latest version of the FreeFlix HQ app?

The developer’s of the FreeFlix app is always working on improving this already fantastic app. In the new version you will find that finding content is much more easier and the in built player has been improved.  

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