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Download Megabox HD APK for Android

MegaBox HD APK is an app that is available for the Android platform that allows you to download and stream movies and TV shows for free. MegaBox HD APK finds what you want to watch from servers all over the world and gives you the option to watch them in either 360p, 720p, or 1080p HD.

The MegaBox HD APK is app that designed and developed by a team that understands what makes for a good streaming app. Even though the app is available to download for free, the app most certainly does not feel one. Usability of the app has been a major concern for the developers, which is evident when you use the app. MegaBox HD APK is what you would call a highly intuitive app.

One tap on the menu that is located to the left, will give you easy access to chose either movies or TV shows to watch. Once you tap on what you need, (Movies or TV shows) the app will have recommendations ready for you based on user reviews, comments, and ratings. This way you, the user can take the opinions of other viewers into consideration before watching or downloading a movie or TV show.

download megabox hd apk for android

If that’s not to your taste, and you prefer to watch you want based on what you prefer and your preferences, then you can search for anything you want via the search bar. Just type in the name of the Movie or TV shows that you want to watch and hit go. MegaBox HD APK will then look through all the server around the world for that title and then evaluate the quality and legitimacy of that movie or TV show before showing them to you on the MegaBox HD APK app.

When you click on a TV show or movie that you want to watch, MegaBox HD APK will give you a detailed summary about the film including ratings and reviews. This way you do not have to leave the app to get some information about the movie or tv show by conducting your own searches. Everything you need to know about what you want to watch is already on MegaBox HD APK. Once you have made a decision, you then will have the option of choosing the quality in which you want to watch.

One of negatives about the MegaBox HD APK app is that the in-built video player does not let you turn-on subtitles, however there is a work-around with this issue. The MegaBox HD app lets you install third party video players onto the app. Popular players like the VLC player and/or the brilliant MX player can be installed to the MegaBox HD APK app. This way you can watch foreign shows or movies as well as English language content with subtitles.

Download and Install the MegaBox HD APK for android

Downloading and installing the MegaBox HD APK is a very simple process. Installing as APK file a little different than downloading and installing an app from a place like the Google play store. If you have installed APK files to your android mobile before, then installing the MegaBox HD APK file available on this website is an easy task. If you no prior experience in doing this, then it is recommended that you follow the instructions given below;

  1. First step is to locate the download file available on this website and then download MegaBox HD APK to your android device.
  2. To be able to download apps that is not available on the Play Store you need to have allowed downloads from ‘Unknown sources”. If not you will get a pop-up when you try to download MegaBox HD APK. Just click “allow”.
  3. If you want to allow downloads from unknown sources, then go to settings on your android device, go to security, then turn on ‘unknown sources”. (Might vary from device to device)
  4. Now locate the MegaBox HD APK which you had previously downloaded (note that this website will always have the most recent version of MegaBox HD APK).
  5. Now tap on the file and start the download, allow any and all permission that the app requests. The install process will only take a couple of minutes at the maximum.
  6. You will get a notification once the install process has been completed. Congratulations! You have successfully installed MegaBox HD APK on your android device.

Megabox HD APK features

  • Premium like features on a free app.
  • MegaBox HD APK is of course a free app that lets you stream and download movies and TV shows from around the world. While providing the best entertainment out there, the app is wonderfully developed and looks nothing like a free app.

  • MegaBox HD APK get updated very regularly.
  • The entertainment world in general gets updated constantly. There is always some new movie or some new Tv show that is dropping. So much so that is hard keep track of all the amazing things that gets released. This is why the MegaBox HD APK app gets updated on a regular basis to make sure that it always has the latest movies and TV shows for its users.

  • Browse through thousands of movies and TV shows ad free.
  • One of worst things about a free app are the constant annoying ads. These ads can be so aggressive that they can ruin the entire experience of using an app. This is where MegaBox HD APK comes up trumps. Compared to a lot of the other free android streaming aps, MegaBox HD APK has no ads and automatically becomes a better app than most of the other similar apps out there.

  • The beautifully designed interface.
  • This is probably one of the stand outs of the MegaBox HD app. The layout of the app is wonderfully designed so that it makes easy to scroll through the app and find what you are looking for. In most cases, a common problem with these free streaming apps on Android is that they look very cluttered. That is not the case with MegaBox HD. While having all important information clearly on screen, the app uses negative space really well as well improving the apps usability.

  • Fantastic added features.
  • One of the best features of the MegaBox HD app is the ability to filter results. This makes it really easy to find the movie or TV show that you want. You can filter by genre, language, and even era. Finding that perfect movie is a breeze with this app. Once you find what you are looking for, you can then add them to the Favorites list. This way can easily go back to Movies or shows you have watched.

Download Latest Megabox HD

How to install MegaBox HD APK on PC?

The first thing that you need to understand is that MegaBox HD apk is not designed or developed for the Windows operating system, and it was not meant to be used on PC. So can or can’t you run MegaBox HD on PC? The answer is you can.

While MegaBox HD apk was made for the Android OS, you can still install and use this app on PC. The way to do this through an Android Emulator. What an Android emulator does is that it basically turns our PC into an Android device enabling your PC to run android app. Is this illegal or harmful to your PC? Absolutely not. So once you have installed an android emulator on your PC, just download the MegaBox HD APK found in this page and install it. It is simple as that. Now you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows in a bigger screen.

download and install the megabox hd apk for android

How to install MegaBox HD apk on Amazon Firestick / Fire TV?

MegaBox HD can be installed to Amazon firetv, Amazon Firestick, Android TV , and basically anything that runs on android.

This MegaBox HD download and installation process can be used for all android devices and not just Amazon Firestick. Follow these steps to download and install MegaBox HD APK on Amazon Fire stick

  1. On your Amazon Firestick home screen, go to the settings menu
  2. In the setting menu, you will find ‘device’ select it.
  3. Next you need click on developer options.
  4. Here you will select the last option which is ‘Apps from unknown sources’
  5. A message will pop up asking if you want to continue, here click ‘turn on’
  6. Now return to the home screen and go the search bar
  7. Here you need to type in ‘Downloader’
  8. Tap on the app that says ‘Downloader’ and install it to your device
  9. Once you open the downloader app, a pop will appear wanting you to allow access.
  10. Then you will get another pop up with some information about the downloader app, where you will click ‘ok’
  11. In the downloader app, click on settings.
  12. Then tap to enable JavaScript
  13. Then on the search bar type “https ://”
  14. Click download and wait till the download process is complete
  15. Once you click install, you receive two pop ups. Click delete on both, and you are done!


If you want to install MegaBox HD apk on other android devices such amazon Firestick and Android TV, you will find instructions for this as well, on this website. The website also have the most recent or the latest version of MegaBox HD apk. So you know you are getting the very latest entertainment.

That is another you need to look at if you want to get the bets out of the MegaBox HD apk app. Make sure you always have the most recent version. For one, MegaBox HD is very regularly updated so if you want to get the best of this app, you need to be using the latest version always. If you want to watch the latest blockbusters and TV shows that is.

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